The nature around Färna is full of contrasts. Forest, infrastructure with roads and telephone with fast internet connections. In the south we have Mälardalen with the flat land, perfect for farming. Close to Färna we have a countryside with hills and slopes. And we have a lot of lakes and rivers. In the forest we have a open cache with berries and mushrooms.

We have the uniqe "allemansrätt". The freedom to roam, or everyman's right is the general public's right to access certain public or privately owned land for recreation and exercise. The right is sometimes called the right of public access to the wilderness or the right to roam.

At the beginning of the 17th century, a bar-iron forge with three hammers was built at Bockhammar a bit north of Färna. Shortly afterwards, the ironworks was acquired by Magnus Brahe (the Lord High Chancellor), who already owned the works at Uttersberg. In 1633, his daughter, Ebba Brahe, inherited the works, which operated from 1607 until 1880.

Ebba Brahe’s summerhouse (1636), together with the timber-built manor house from 1817, are all that remains of the old ironworks.

The pavilion is open for visits all year around. During May - September you can enjoy coffe and a famous blueberry cake in the coffeshop. A small fleemarket is also open during summer.

If you are interested in Pelargonium you will find a lot of interesting species here. Even if you don´t want to buy anything, this is a really amazing visit.
The Manor House in Färna

Assi Domän (Domänverket or Sveaskog) owned and used the facilities for more than 55 years for internal education and conferences. In the early days they trained coaches for use in forestry. The school is still present in Färna, now using modern machinery and in private ownership. Education is focused on ecodriving, less fuel and less damage to nature.

The manor house is now a hotel, with conference room and spa. The line of buildings running through to the back of the hotel include an estate shop, and an Ecomuseum theme park for children. In the shop, which is open all the year round, you will find clothing, furniture, handicrafts, gifts and souvenirs. If you happen to be in the area in the run-up to Christmas, do visit the estate’s Christmas Market.

The manor house is famous for the food and high quality service. The kitchen offers a variety of swedish dishes mixed with international flavours.

Today the manor house and Hotel with Spa is owned by the family Engström who also own the Karmansbo manor house.

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The mausoleum
HDR Photo: Steve Henriksson

In 1904, the Count’s son, Carl Fredrik, commissioned an architect, professor Lars Israel Wahlman, to erect an unusual slagstone mausoleum in the meadow south of the house. Situated between the mausoleum and the main building is a summerhouse decorated with beautiful murals and paintings.
Ecomuseum Theme park at the Manor

Ecomuseum theme park for children aged 0-110. In the theme park you can follow the process of bringing malm from the mines to the earth ground and then preparing it to iron and steel.

Theme park is open all year, and free of charge to visit. Most pleasent to visit is naturaly during spring and summmer, enjoy some beverages and cookies from Herrgårdsboden, or enjoy a lunch in the Manor house.